Your FREE AOPA Student Membership Benefits


Your free student membership benefits include:

  • Six Issues of Flight Training Magazine
    Whether you want to fly as a professional pilot or just want the freedom of recreational flying, Flight Training has something for you – first-hand personal stories from students and experienced pilots, plus training tips on everything from weather conditions to radio communications and banked turns to backtaxiing.
  • Exclusive Online Educational Resources and Tools
    As you move through each phase of flight training, questions arise about everything from airsickness to opening and closingVFR flight plans. The good news is that you're not alone in this endeavor. AOPA delivers the information you need at every stage of training through its websites, and
  • ePilot Flight Training
    Learn additional student pilot training techniques, tips on how to make flying more affordable, advice on aviation career development, the latest aviation industry trends, and more – all through our weekly newsletter dedicated to student pilots.
  • AOPA Pilot Information Center
    A support team of in-house pilots and CFIs are available to answer your questions toll-free by phone and by email. Plus the Online Pilot Information Center features information most often requested by pilots and student pilots.
  • And more!

Plus access to AOPA Member Products with quality services and discounts exclusively available to AOPA Members:*

  • Financial Services
    From aircraft financing to credit cards, AOPA Member Products offer low rates and rewards designed for student pilots and seasoned pilots alike.
  • Pilot Services
    Offering special services that pilots appreciate including discounts that can help reduce the cost of flying and programs that provide additional protection and help make flying easier.
  • Insurance Services
    We have a wide range of aircraft and personal insurance products for all types of pilots – students, owners, renters and CFIs and at all stages of life.

*Some AOPA Products and Services may not be available to free six-month AOPA Student Trial Members.

Free Offer for Student Pilots

Your FREE Student
Trial Membership includes:
6 FREE magazines and
FREE online flight training tools

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Your FREE Student Trial Membership Includes:
AOPA Flight Training magazine. Get advice on how to become a pilot, selecting a flight school and instructor as well as guidance, training techniques, and tips from experienced pilots.

Access to pilot resources and tools only available to AOPA members, including a searchable directory of flight instructors and schools, current weather briefings, an online airport directory, a real-time flight planner and much more.

We won't ask you for a credit card and there's nothing to cancel. This is a completely risk-free offer because we want you to succeed!

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